Cryptolocker Ransomware: What It Is and How to Avoid It?

How Can You Get Infected?

What Does Cryptolocker Do With User’s System?

How to Detect Cryptolocker Ransomware?

How To Remove Cryptolocker From Your Device?

5 Basic Safety Tips To Protect Your Devices From Ransomware

  1. Do not download ANY files from the unknown sources unless you’re 100% sure they are safe.
  2. Make a habit of backing up your essential files — later backups can be used to restore your critical data.
  3. In case of your computer being connected to a network, try to implement a least privilege model, thanks to which only one single unit would be infected instead of all organization’s computers.
  4. Disable automatic download of files from the Internet, as well as a default feature that hides files extensions.
  5. Use a reliable antivirus that will stop Cryptolocker from hitting your PC.




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George Berrios

Internet Security Writers

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