Do you need virus protection on a Mac in 2020

Do You Really Need an Antivirus to Protect a Mac?

Mac’s Built-In Malware Detection

  • Gatekeeper is a feature that keeps your system clean from any malware attempts to install potentially unwanted applications. The software that lacks digital approval by the Mac system will be blocked by Gatekeeper, disabling it from installing itself and accessing settings without authorization. In other words, Gatekeeper recognizes each program that makes brute attempts to access your admin settings.
  • Malware removal tool feature allows you to detect and remove the malware. The infection will be remediated, and you will be able to review the threat before deleting it from the system.
  • XProtect is a feature that recognizes and detects malware before it will try to install it. You need it for recognizing malware software signatures and always updates its databases for new infections and strains. This feature requires separate updates asked by a system.

How Does macOS Protect Your Computer?

Vulnerabilities in Apple’s Systems

How Will You Know that MacOS is Infected?

Which Mac Security Software Should You Install?

McAfee Antivirus — Best Antivirus on Mac

Norton Antivirus — Top-Notch Security Features

TotalAV Antivirus — Fights All Known Malware

Intego Antivirus — Effective Virus Protection

Bitdefender Antivirus — Windows PCs Threats Fighter

Final Verdict




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George Berrios

George Berrios

Internet Security Writers

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