Scanning for Viruses on Mac: How to Do a Virus Scan?

What Are the Signs of a Virus?

  • Pop-ups and ads. Adware attacks have always been a big headache for Windows users. And recently, they became a real problem for the fans of macOS as well. It’s really easy to “figure out” this sign. If you see ad pop-ups that you haven’t seen before, that’s probably the work of adware. That’s especially true when pop-ups appear outside of the browser and take over the system.
  • The system is very slow. The system can get slow for no reason sometimes, and a restart usually fixes that. If you do not see any improvements after a reboot, then it’s the doings of malicious code. You could be dealing with a crypto-miner that uses your video card’s processing power to, well, mine Bitcoins. Or, it may be some other kind of malware that exploits the CPU.
  • The malware scanner detects an infection. It’s not always easy to detect unusual behavior in the system. So, if the scanner is telling you there’s malware planted deep into the OS, it’s time to hit the alarm. Let’s talk about how these scans work and how you can launch them.

How Does a Virus Scan Work?

How to Check Your Mac for a Virus?

In-built Mac Antivirus

  • Go to Apple — System Preferences
  • Select the Security and Privacy window
  • Click the General tab, hit the padlock, and enter your password-login
  • In the lower corner, you’ll find the “Allow apps downloaded from” settings — those are the ones you need
  • It can be either downloads from the App Store only or that plus identified/recognized developers

Third-Party Virus Scanners

  • A Quick Scan is always available on the main dashboard — it’s literally one click away;
  • System Scan checks the entire OS for viruses and takes longer to complete;
  • The Managed Scans module allows you to pick which files/apps/folders should be checked.
  • Disc fragmentation;
  • Performance optimization;
  • Malware detection;
  • Driver updates check;
  • Junk files removal;
  • Registry cleanup;
  • OS startup cleanup.

Best Antiviruses for virus scanning for Mac

McAfee Antivirus

Intego Antivirus

TotalAV Antivirus

Final Verdict




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